A matrix for life


Discover your life matrix, revealing dangerous and favorable periods based on solar and lunar activity. Every 12 years, individuals face potentially risky periods, but also enjoy beneficial phases. This tool helps track past health issues and prevent future ones. Oleksandr Shymko’s extensive study on over 50,000 individuals ensures a scientific approach. Receive your personalized life…



A matrix for life (dangerous and favorable periods in a person’s life, taking into account solar and lunar activity). Every 12 years, every person has a dangerous period in their life. The period when a person can get injured or die. There are also vice versa favorable times. The lifetime matrix helps you see when you have had physical health problems in your life and how to avoid health problems in the future. Of course, we will not live forever, but we can delay the time of danger for 12 years if we know when it can happen. Oleksandr Shymko conducted a scientific study in this area on more than 50 thousand people. Therefore, no esotericism, only a scientific approach. Only those who want to live longer and take care of their health should have a matrix for life.
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