Calculation of pair compatibility by 7 parameters


Assess your couple’s compatibility across 7 key parameters: Problem Vision: Understand how each partner perceives and values situations. Goal Strategy: Determine alignment on major life goals like buying a home or raising children. Goal Tactics: Agree on methods to achieve shared goals, from home decor to car preferences. Communication Style: Evaluate resonance and relevance in…



Calculate the compatibility of the couple for all 7 parameters. 1) VISION OF THE PROBLEM – the couple’s assessment of the situation. How the partners see the situation (problem), understand its importance, significance, and criticality. For one, for example, a trip to another country seems like a vacation, an exciting journey, for the other, on the contrary, it is a burden and he sees no point in it, it is better to stay at home or go to the country. 3) Goal achievement strategy – (achievement of a large, distant goal): Unanimity of partners in actions to achieve this goal: buy an apartment, a car, the number of children in the family and who and how to raise them. A dream, a goal – how to achieve it? 4) TACTICS of goal achievement – (achievement of the goal): agreement on the means and methods of achieving/solving the main goal. What kind of apartment? How to equip it, how to make repairs. A car? What kind: model, color, year of manufacture, etc. Tactics – agreement on fragments of achieving
of strategic goals. 5) WAVELENGTH in communication – What is being said and what is being said? Relevance. Interestingness. Accessibility of understanding. 6) VIBRATION of the wave in communication – expresses complete agreement between several people acting at the same time. The higher this indicator is, the more you agree with each other than you disagree. 7) EFFICIENCY OF THE INFORMATION CHANNEL – you can talk to each other, but not hear or understand. The higher this indicator is, the more chances you have to understand each other at a glance.
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