Calculation of pair compatibility by 3 parameters


Order your couple compatibility assessment based on: Problem Vision Communication Wavelength Full Characteristics of One Partner Receive your report in 1-3 days via email or messenger.



Order the calculation of couple compatibility by 3 parameters:
1) VISION OF THE PROBLEM – the couple’s assessment of the situation. How partners see the situation (problem), understand its importance, significance, and criticality. For one, for example, a trip to another country seems like a vacation, an exciting journey, for the other, on the contrary, it is a burden and they see no point in it, it is better to stay at home or go to the country.
2) WAVELENGTH in communication – What is being said and what is being said? Relevance. The interest of the conversation. Accessibility of understanding.
3) Full characteristics of one person from the couple, of your choice.
I send the calculation by email or messenger within 1-3 days.