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Personalized nutrition is key for health and longevity. Based on extensive research, Oleksandr Shymko has developed a method to determine compatible foods for individuals, considering lunar and solar rhythms. Get your customized list of compatible foods within 1-2 days via email or messenger.



Every person has their own foods. Not everyone is healthy to be vegan and not everyone is healthy to eat meat products. The individual system of food selection for each person, taking into account lunar and solar rhythms, was studied by scientists in Japan, Germany, and the former USSR in the KGB. Oleksandr Shymko has done a great job of researching and analyzing the studies of scientists. Using the method of statistics, he deduced the regularity of the impact of various products on athletes and ordinary people. Every person who wants to be healthy and slow down the aging process should have a list of compatible foods.
The author of the system calculates a list of compatible products and sends them to an email or messenger. the information usually arrives within 1-2 days.